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Android cost reduction

Cost Reduction - Android

  1. Reduce App assets
    • reduce thumbnail sizes [in progress]
    • reduce animation sizes [unknown]
    • reduce audio and video sizes [compressed] [hls in progress]
    • use svg for icons [unknown]
    • use webp for non-vector images [done]
    • for high-res assets, fallback to multiple APK support
  2. Reduce code size
  3. Allow app to be moved to external storage (not needed for high-end devices with lots of in-build storage). use android::installLocation flag in AndroidManifest.xml
  4. Reduce post-install app disk use
    • put cache in cache dir (getCacheDir()). this way, the system could delete files as needed
  5. Configurable Network Use
    • allow user to choose network preference (data saving mode etc)
    • allow user to cache the video content that has a chance to be played in repeat