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Complete Ethical Hacking

Why Linux?

  • it's open-source
  • free of cost
  • environment for pen-testing
  • good for development
  • very light
  • varities of distributions

Network Commands in Linux

ifconfig - shows interfaces and IP addresses corosponding to those interfaces

  • MAC Addr - Unique addresses for every device in the world. used to communicate within local network
  • IP Addr - used to communicate over internet. may change.

Loopback Interface

any traffic that computer sends to the loopback network is addressed to the same computer. loopback interface have IP address The most common IP address for the loopback interface is . Loopback interface is represented with lo in iwconfig/ipconfig output.

although any interface can be used to identify the device, loopback interface is generally used.

Information Gathering

  • first step in pen-testing
  • act of gathering data for our target
  • any type of data which might help us achieve our shits

Types of Information Gathering

Active Info Gathering from target(website etc)

directly get the data from target. examples: direct packets exchange, talking with employes etc etc

Passive Info Gathering from target

collecting info from a middle source. example: google about target and gather data from a third party website etc


  • IP Address(s)
  • Employee Emails
  • Employee Phone Numbers
  • Technologies

  • Operating System

  • Networks
  • Software

Tools for Gathering Information

  • WhatWeb - Gather information about a website. for more info man whatweb
  • theHarvester - Gather info about Email, Hostname and Username
  • - Gather info about Email
  • redhawk

Tools often fail. Find related tools in GitHub.