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Notes on Search Engine Optimization

  1. write proper site title and site description.
  2. Accurately describe the page's content
  3. Unique title and description for each page
  4. brief but descriptive title
  5. [Avoid] extremely lengthy text in title
  6. [Avoid] Stuffing unneeded keywords in title
  7. in description, accurately summarize the page content. read here
  8. [Avoid] description that has no relation to the content
  9. [Avoid] using generic descriptions
  10. [Avoid] filling the desc with only keywords
  11. unique descriptions for each page
  12. use heading tags
  13. to emphasize important text
  14. heading tags should outline the content
  15. [Avoid] too many headings
  16. [Avoid] long headings
  17. use Structured data. google docs
  18. check using google rich text result
  19. [Avoid] using invalid markup
  20. use Data Highlighter
  21. use breadcrumbs
  22. Navigation
  23. create simple navigation
  24. use text for navigation
  25. [Avoid] image-based navigation
  26. navigational page (navbar) for user, and xml sitemap for search engine
  27. [Avoid] broken nav links
  28. show useful 404 pages (with 404 status code)
  29. [Avoid] indexing 404 pages

  30. URLs

  31. use words in URLs
  32. [Avoid] using lengthy urls with params like session IDs etc
  33. [Avoid] generic page names

  34. Optimize content

  35. white easy to read text
  36. [Avoid] grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  37. [Avoid] Awkward or poorly written content
  38. create fresh, unique content
  39. optimize content for users, not search engine

  40. Act in a way that cultivates user trust

  41. [Avoid] putting distracting ads
  42. write good link texts
  43. choose descriptive text
  44. write concise text
  45. format links so they are easy to spot
  46. anchor text for internal link
  47. use rel="nofollow" for external links that are not trustworthy

  48. Optimize images

  49. use <img> or <picture> tag
  50. use lazy loading (using js, or by attr loading="lazy")
  51. [Avoid] css to display image
  52. provide descriptive alt attribute
  53. use brief but descriptive filename and alt text
  54. use standard image formats

  55. make website mobile-friendly

  56. test website with mobile-friendly test

  57. promote the website

notes +++

  1. do keyword research. for Level, some of the keywords could be health, wellness etc. ranking a page on a highly competitive keyword is tough